Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Choose to Love

When I see a person, I do not see the color of their skin, lifestyle, or their religious background. I respect all walks of life and spiritual persuasions.

When I see a person, I see their heart and the essence of their character. I see the spirit that animates them whether they are loving, or not. I hold great respect for the many ways people choose to embrace the higher power that feeds  their soul. I will not judge people for who they are, or what they believe. Ever.

When we judge, we fear...and when we fear, it will only ever rob us of our joy...rob us of love for self and others...of friendships and connections that could have been lifelong.

Fear produces defensiveness, misunderstanding, mistrust, judgement, and hate. The world has had enough hate, and hate is darkness. The world needs more light...more understanding...less judgement...and more love. As author Caroline Myss once said, "Nothing grows in the shadows, and everything grows in the light."

Love is a light...a power from the energy that can transform to the highest good of all. Heart energy has the power to heal; to illuminate life; to build bridges instead of creating great divides. Where fear takes, love gives. It allows us to transform; to move from judgement to compassion...from fear to mutual trust and understanding...from hate to peace...from darkness to light.

I choose to love. Will you?

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