Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Intuition Moon Cycle - A closing reflection

As our Intuition Moon Cycle comes to a close, I feel guided to share my reflections for the last two moon cycles and how they tie into our upcoming "Self-love" Moon. 

For the new moon in Gemini, we explored the untapped depths of our minds in the Contemplative Moon Cycle, and for the new moon in Cancer, we explored the untapped intelligence of our hearts during this Intuition Moon Cycle. These two cycles prepare us for the upcoming Self-love Moon, because it requires self-love to cultivate, care for, nurture, and expand those depths within us.

Through contemplation, we can inquire deeply about things that materially affect the condition and quality of our lives. As we become clearer through contemplation, our Intuition kicks in to give ourselves guidance on those things we have contemplated.

Simply put, our contemplation assesses a situation deeply (mind intelligence) and our intuition guides the situation from our depths (heart intelligence) to open a path towards radical self-acceptance and self-fulfillment...a result of self-love.

So many of us struggle with this thing called "self-love," but let us endeavor to walk this divine path and co-create this healing container together when the moon is new again. Let us support and hold sacred space for one another in the spirit of unconditional love, kindness, compassion, and non-judgment. Together, we can heal. Together, we will RISE!

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