Monday, July 10, 2017

Forgiveness: A Step Towards Peace

Sometimes, in our humanness, we (or people around us) do or say things that we (or they) later regret. Perhaps we acted or said something out of fear instead of love. Whatever the situation, the error of judgement was realized and the heart is left aching with a sorrow so deep that only an act of the soul can ever heal it...the act of forgiving.

Forgiving oneself or someone else requires great love and courage. An article describes forgiveness as one of the "most liberating acts of self-love that one can do for themselves" with the result of "freeing oneself from hatred and living with a peaceful heart." I can think of nothing more beautiful, freeing, and healing than living a life with a peaceful heart. It is worth the seeking and giving of compassion and forgiveness, especially when relationships mean a lot to the people involved...when there is genuine care and concern...the special bond between them can survive and then thrive.

When people care about each other, it is worth the giving of empathy, compassion, mutual understanding, and forgiveness. It is worth owning up to whatever wrong was done and then making it right again. It is critical to become aware, to acknowledge, and to stop all hurtful and offending actions or deeds that divide instead of unite. It is worth walking through the transformational fire, mending fences, and walking in a state of grace with humility, respect, and deep love...for self and for others; to keep cherished relationships alive and healthy. It is worth walking through this fire to restore the balance of things; to restore good will and trust.

Whether we give or seek forgiveness, we can liberate the weight we carry inside and transcend the transgression; whatever it may be. From this, we can grow and heal in a meaningful way. We can extend good will, own up to things, and rebuild whatever trust was broken. With mutual compassion and empathy, we can see through the hurt and fear that caused the offending action or words. With mutual understanding, we can get through the tough times. We can overcome adversity. We can survive and thrive. With a mindful heart, we can remain sensitive to one another and set the intention to re-build healthy boundaries, to mend and heal whatever was broken. With forgiveness, a lightness of the soul can return and restore harmony to all. Endeavor to heal. Endeavor to love unconditionally. Endeavor to forgive, and let the heart be light again.

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