Monday, March 20, 2017

The Big Wane: From Devotion into Power

As the Devotion Moon wanes, it is my sincerest hope that you have found and connected to the depths of your heart to find what you are most devoted to, and what you deeply stand for.
Devotion is an energy that carries with it a very potent energetic charge that creates possibilities when things seem hopeless. It is a divine charge from deep within that helps us power through the toughest of times, and it gives us the stamina to see things through and clear whatever stands in the way no matter what.

Without devotion, we give up on things too easily. We run away or mentally check out when the going gets tough. Perseverance becomes impossible, because devotion is the symbolic "glue" that makes us stick to what's important. There is no meaningful progress without a deep sense of devotion holding us close and keeping our feet to the fire.

If you were in circle with me when this Devotion Moon began, I invite you now to revisit and reconnect to the intention you set for yourselves in this cycle. Feel into it. Breathe into it. Let it come to life in your heart and in your soul. Let it lovingly enfold you and bring you to a whole new level of meaning and purpose in your life.

If you were not in circle with me when this cycle began, I invite you now to seek your heart for the thing you feel most devoted to. I invite you to contemplate what you stand for, and root yourselves firmly into it. I encourage you to connect deeply, because these are the things that bring purpose and meaning to a life well lived.

As we connect and root ourselves firmly in our devotion, we slowly and gradually transition towards the fiery energy of Aries and the new Power Moon. This moon will ask us to contemplate the ways in which we block the fullness of our own power; so as we become firmly connected and rooted within our devotion, we will also be "tilling the soil" in preparation of calling forth the creative fire of the new Power Moon to fuel our fiery and soulful rebirth.

In anticipation of the coming new moon, here are a few encouraging words regarding the fire of rebirth from beloved sister and founder of the Wild Woman Project, Chris Maddox:

"In my Wild Woman Initiation, I have often been asked to stand in the fire of rebirth. Every single time, I am scared. I have learned to go anyway.

This fire calls to me every so often, in waves, in cycles, as needed. Mind you, dear reader, there are always gentler times in between, full of softening, bliss, deep comfort & nourishment.

But the fire knows just when to call again."

Join me Wild Hearts, as we ready ourselves for this Great Unfolding.
With love and gratitude..


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Path to Devotion - For the New Moon in Pisces 2017

The new moon in Pisces, which happened Sunday, brought about the theme of Devotion...which asks of us these questions. What do you stand for? What or who are you devoted to? What or who would you die for?

For me, it is all about freedom of body, mind, and spirit, as well as knowing that I must have these things in order to accomplish my purpose and mission in have patience and compassion for myself as I learn to live and grow in service of the divine feminine; to help people connect to that deep place within themselves, to their hearts, and to the divine within.

For this cycle, I am devoted to deepening my connection with spirit, so that it may guide my heart towards accomplishing a divine mission and pathway to love. It will mean setting healthy boundaries and removing all unhealthy attachments, demands on my time, and neutralizing barriers to create and maintain the space I need to learn, heal, love, and grow. It also means having patience and compassion for self, as the healing journey is never linear, but often a messy circular cycle with both good and challenging times involved. I know that as I overcome the challenges, I will continue on a transformative journey. That in itself is such a gift.

So now I ask you...

What are you devoted to this cycle? What does devotion look like for you? The answer to these questions will come from a very deep place. If you are still and quiet long enough, you will feel your heart guiding you. Listen closely...listen it. Find your devotion, and you will find the source that illuminates you deeply...that which nourishes your spirit also feeds your inner light.