Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Choice to Be Powerful

Every day we face a choice...the choice between being powerful or powerless. If we choose to be powerless, we give our power away and write it off as "fate" or "bad luck"...or even just a "bad day." While it's normal to have bad days, it's quite another matter to dwell in a bad head-space for weeks and months on end.

You see, we create our realities through our thoughts and through the way we perceive situations around us. We affect our quality of life and our precious nervous system pays dearly for it, because this type of stress drains us...drains our energy...and drains us of our precious life force.

When we choose to be powerful, it doesn't mean that every day is stress free. It doesn't mean that we go around wearing rose-colored glasses all the time, and ignore the truth when it's painfully obvious and clear. What it does mean is that we consciously choose to acknowledge that there is always something we can do to change make things better.

Choosing to be powerful means that we remain awake to our inner-guidance which is always there and ready to guide us if we are quiet enough to listen...if we remain conscious enough to give ourselves the space to hear what Spirit needs to say.

Choosing to be powerful means recognizing the responsibility we have to ourselves for creating our own happiness, and not resolving ourselves to "fate" matter how bad things seem...we DO have a choice.

Choose to be powerful. Your best days are yet ahead.

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