Monday, January 23, 2017

When the Light Inside Turns Off By Default...

Then Self-Awareness and Personal Initiative must turn it back ON...

I had to share this passage from a book I just started reading. It hits heart and home.

“I have been preoccupied with the question of why women have this limited ability to access their power and voice that nothing they do seems to ameliorate or resolve. As I look around the world of women, it seems as if our lights are off. We are turned off, like a light switch. The bulb is in there, but it sure isn’t lit up. And it is no wonder. We have all been taught to turn off, to turn away…
Turn away from the homeless person begging for change. Turn away from the impact of climate change that we each deepen with our daily actions and inactions. Turn off from our own emotions. 
No one had to teach us to turn off. Our culture models it with actions so much louder than words. So many of us were taught to back away from our strong emotions—to find them embarrassing, ridiculous even. So many of us were taught to keep a lid on anything and everything outrageous. To just turn it off. We turn off our life force, turn off our feelings, turn off our sensuality, and as a consequence, we turn off our power” (Thomashauer, 2016, pg. xvii)

–Regena Thomashauer, “Pussy: A Reclamation”

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