Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Desire, Power, and Learned Helplessness

As we continue to dive deeper into this month's DESIRE Moon theme at the Wild Woman Project, we connect further into the idea that desire is the seed of all creation. When one is making major changes in life, the desire to do so must be so strong that it can withstand the greatest resistance from any source who prefers that things stay the same. To do otherwise is to give power away which results in learned helplessness.

"You are helpless when you believe you can do nothing, and that belief keeps you from trying. You escape when you have learned to do something to avoid pain, and you refuse to try anything else. The very thing you have learned to do is the thing that keeps you from learning that something else is possible, that things have changed, that things could change for you" (pg. 35) --Blaine Lee, The Power Principle: Influence with Honor

When a person gets caught up in learned helplessness, all possibilities in life cease to exist. There is only fear, stagnation, and ultimately the withering of the soul; along with all of its desires and aspirations. Sometimes, the fear that's blocking the way forward belongs to someone else through discouraging advice and opinions. Whatever form fear takes, it is debilitating. Fear is a blinding barrier to all who allow it to be so. It makes the way forward unclear and hopeless, and it may feel like one is living a life prescribed by someone else's desires rather than living a life according to ones own true desires and inner-yearnings.

Living life according to the desires of other people is how a person ends up out of alignment with themselves; when head and heart are in conflict because the heart says to do one thing, and the head is doing what someone else is prescribing as the "right and only way." It makes learned helplessness a deep and painful very difficult to get out of.

The desire to overcome this state of helplessness must be stronger than fear itself, if there is to be any real and lasting change. This burning desire is the "seed" that inspires the actions necessary to find a way out of learned helplessness. In the face of overwhelming odds and challenges, this deep desire for change is necessary to align head and heart, and to transform life from one day to the next.

As we approach the mid-point of this Desire Moon, let's think about the ways we block our own desires. Let's get really clear on what it is that keeps us from achieving our heart's desire, so we can set the intentions to release them at Full Moon time; even if it means releasing the need to live life according to the fears and limitations of others.

Be true to yourself. Be true to your heart, and be true to your own heart's desire.

"To thine own self be true" --William Shakespeare

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