Friday, October 14, 2016

Embracing Dark Times and Transforming to Light

Today, I am so grateful for the darker lower energies of the human psyche for they also have much to teach us about ourselves. During dark times, these lower energies come out in full force and they threaten to sabotage all the good in our lives. We must then make a choice. We can either go down with these darker energies and get stuck, or we can surrender to a higher vibration and look for the lessons inherent in the transformation of these dark energies; ultimately, turning them into light. With this light, we not only transform ourselves, but also our surroundings. Like a ripple effect, the new light created extends outward from ourselves to those around us. In essence, we become beacons of healing light for others; one by one, and person by person, we heal directly and indirectly. Energy flows where intention goes.

As we approach the Full Moon, let's dive deeper into our Mystic Love Moon theme for the New Moon in Libra. Let's look through the lens of unconditional love, and see how we might transform dark energies in our lives right now.

What might we want or need to release to allow the flow of unconditional love to transform the dark energies that threaten to sabotage happiness and the path forward?

As a gift to yourself, make time for spaciousness and contemplation. Open the jewel that is your heart, and seek answers there. This is your way through the storm. This is the way into the light of your best transformed self. Release what is no longer serving you, so that there is room for planted intentions to grow.

Think of a garden full of weeds. If we do not go into the garden and pull out the weeds, the weeds will rob nutrition from the flowers and the blossoms that we originally intended to grow. It's the same with the intentions we set. At some point, we must energetically "pull weeds" and release what no longer serves us to make room for our original intentions to grow strong, and to make room for the planting of new intentions for a blossoming life.

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