Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grief and Suffering - Walking Through a Purifying Fire

I read this quote today and felt such a heaviness in my heart. Change is constant, and life is constant change. Sometimes it requires letting go, having to suffer a little, or sometimes having to suffer a lot inside. Sometimes, it means outgrowing people, places, and things that no longer fit and no longer serve. Energetically and emotionally, it's a way of walking through a purifying fire. A spiritual test of sorts that one only fails if the heart and soul are ignored.

With divine love and courage, stand in the truth of the heart. Whatever is meant to be will be; what is not meant to be will not. Give it all up to Divine Will, and accept whatever outcome evolves. Trust in the power of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness to bring about the best outcome. No matter the suffering, all will be well in the end...somehow. Trust this. Know that it will be OK.

"No matter what we are forced to endure, we must find a way to love ourselves through it. We must find a way to save our own humanity from the wreckage of it. No matter the weight of the burden placed upon us mentally, emotionally, physically, economically and environmentally, we must find a way to connect to what keeps us afloat spiritually. Suffering isn’t handed out equally among us. The great injustice of life is that we must live it from where we are at. We don’t get a gold medal for enduring our lot. All we get is a chance at life."

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