Sunday, September 18, 2016

Temperance: Intentions for the Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon was upon us, and brought with it such good insights. With a lunar eclipse, and planetary energies shifting, the significance of this moon called for a special trip to a beautiful waterfall on the Peninsula. It was soothing to be there. It was divine to experience the sounds of nature; to breathe in the crisp fresh air, and to be fully present in the moment. It was a day of friendship, of receiving, of insight, and of powerful healing. The overall theme for the day was Temperance, or as Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it, "Moderation in action, thought, or feeling."

This is an important word, because in order to have temperance, one must be willing to "let go" a little; let go of fears, let go of worries, and let go of anxieties. It is right in line with the spirit of the full moon; a time of release. Every major undertaking takes a degree of temperance to go at a pace that is slow enough to spot and resolve issues before they become issues. It was the perfect theme for the day.

Temperance fits so perfectly, because it is always our intention during full moon time to release and let go of what is no longer serving us in the greater picture; for example, an unhealthy way of thinking or perceiving a situation. Perhaps it is an unhealthy way of living or eating that needs changing. Full moon time is all about letting go of what keeps us from our true happiness, and what blocks us from our joy; whether self-imposed or not.

To find temperance, one must first find the source of fear that is in control, because fear causes many to act in ways that are more often than not self-sabotaging. Fear can be a barrier to mutual understanding. It can stop a person from trying anything new; or worse, giving up entirely before knowing the full extent of possibilities in any given situation. With temperance, a person slows down and has the time and space to observe and respond appropriately to changing climates in any given environment. Therefore, as the Moon begins her wane, I ask you this. What is in your life now that requires temperance, and what will you have to let go to obtain it?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grief and Suffering - Walking Through a Purifying Fire

I read this quote today and felt such a heaviness in my heart. Change is constant, and life is constant change. Sometimes it requires letting go, having to suffer a little, or sometimes having to suffer a lot inside. Sometimes, it means outgrowing people, places, and things that no longer fit and no longer serve. Energetically and emotionally, it's a way of walking through a purifying fire. A spiritual test of sorts that one only fails if the heart and soul are ignored.

With divine love and courage, stand in the truth of the heart. Whatever is meant to be will be; what is not meant to be will not. Give it all up to Divine Will, and accept whatever outcome evolves. Trust in the power of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness to bring about the best outcome. No matter the suffering, all will be well in the end...somehow. Trust this. Know that it will be OK.

"No matter what we are forced to endure, we must find a way to love ourselves through it. We must find a way to save our own humanity from the wreckage of it. No matter the weight of the burden placed upon us mentally, emotionally, physically, economically and environmentally, we must find a way to connect to what keeps us afloat spiritually. Suffering isn’t handed out equally among us. The great injustice of life is that we must live it from where we are at. We don’t get a gold medal for enduring our lot. All we get is a chance at life."

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