Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the Light of the Waxing Moon: Growing to fullness and a time of release

The moon teaches us about the creative process every month without fail as she waxes and wanes within the lunar cycle. As she wanes, she grows dark. We can't see her when she becomes a new moon. She enters into a dark period; a time of rebirth and renewal. As the moon begins waxing into fullness, she grows brighter and more luminous until she has once again achieved fullness.

At the point of fullness, she begins waning into a new moon again. In the same way, when we grow full, there comes a time when we must acknowledge and release things that no longer makes sense to hold on to. Maybe it is an old way of thinking, being, or living that is not working anymore. Whatever it is, it is holding us back or bringing us down.

Maybe it's an unhealthy way of thinking, a feeling of insecurity, a relationship that brings nothing but sorrow, or a soul-crushing job that is siphoning the passion out of life. Maybe it's a bad habit that needs breaking. Whatever it is, we know on some deep level that there will come a time when letting go may be the right thing to do; or in fact, the only thing to do. The question is, can we let go when hanging on stops making sense?

As the full moon approaches, I find myself thinking about this more every day. I think about things that should be released in order to make room for new healthier ways of thinking and being to emerge; to become lighter for the journey find wholeness and peace of mind.

The answer is not always obvious; but if something frazzles the mind and tears at the heart often enough, then this might be a good place to start observing and contemplating the reasons why.

"Now is the time to let anything in your life fall away that is no longer useful or needed for the emerging expression of who you are. Allow yourself to gradually shed what has become burdensome and no longer congruent with your soul’s purpose. With release comes a sense of being much lighter, just like the trees that openly bear their nakedness once their leaves have departed and give room for whatever new Life is ready to birth following a period of quiet and gestation. So let go of whatever has outlived its purposefulness and trust that something else will take its place." 

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