Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dissolving Ego for Happiness

As I learn more about the ego and the ways it can destroy happiness, I realize more and more that it is better to let go of fear and anxiety than to risk sabotaging what could grow into beautiful life treasures. When we act out of fear, we only plant seeds of sorrow, despair, and insecurity. We perpetuate our own suffering. We miss out on the connection to inner-guidance and to other people, because we are too busy worrying inside of our own heads; creating turmoil from past hurtful experiences. Ego can be especially tough on us when hurtful experiences from the past were deep and devastating like a past betrayal lingering unresolved for many years; the loss of love, or a passion that died somewhere along the way. Whatever happened in the past to create the traumatic experience, the subconscious mind doesn't know any better. It projects a painful past experience to the present day as a way of protecting us from something ever happening again; even if it is not really happening. Ego will sabotage our chances for happiness every time we let it run away with our peace of mind.

When ego is in control we essentially end up living in the past or anxious about the future. We do not live in the present moment where the truth resides. The mind replays traumatic experiences as a way of warning us that a potential situation may be unfolding and repeating itself, when perhaps it is not. The worry stemming from these thoughts causes fear and anxiety to resurface; bringing with it...the fear of loss...the fear of loneliness...the fear of rejection and abandonment. We end up acting out of fear, and then a self-fulfilling prophecy develops because we materialize what we pour our energy into; regardless of whether it's the desired effect. When we find something precious that brings so much joy to our lives, the last thing we want to do is to let fear and anxiety destroy it's chances of survival. Ego will take over and create turmoil where none previously existed.

For the sake of happiness and peace of mind, I am making a commitment to live in the present moment; to see each experience as a brand new one capable of its own outcome. I am making a commitment to dissolve the Ego and to live in the present moment with a heart full of love, gratitude, grace, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. I will learn to trust, to let go, and to let be. I will no longer allow Ego to rob me of happiness and human connection. With a heartfelt gratitude, I hope the same for you. As the moon begins its wane, let peace find you as you release fear and anxiety from your mind to make room for inner-peace and happiness within your heart.

"This whole practice of dissolving ego is like one big detox. You know how crappy you feel after a night out spent wallowing in happy indulgence? The headaches, the cravings, the low mood? Yeah, that’s your liver detoxing and ridding itself of the alcohol/sugar/bad fats/what-have-you. The anger and self-righteousness you begin to feel after starting this process is the same thing. And just like a hangover, all you can do is wait it out and make the best choices you can stomach."

"Free Yourself from Ego in Three Easy Steps" by Amy Jirsa,

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