Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Waning Into a Dark Night

This month's New Moon theme from the Wild Woman Project is about calling on the Great Mother.

I think of the Great Mother as a loving, nurturing, and glowing energy...a cool and soothing essence. I love the idea of the Moon as an embodiment of this Great Mother archetype; because she is constant in her lessons of the creative process. When she grows into fullness and then wanes into complete darkness, I understand how darkness is sometimes necessary for change and personal growth. In darkness, we plant our seeds of intention, contemplate new ideas, delve into self-reflection, and engage inner guidance for direction, strength, and personal renewal. Yet it's in the darkness where we can experience the most pain and discomfort as we face our deepest fears and insecurities with grace and dignity.

Living through a dark night is never easy. This is a period of a person's life when they find themselves tested at the soul level; when the mind and heart are at complete odds with each other. A dark night is unrelenting. It can challenge old beliefs and perceptions, and shake our existence to the very core. What was once an obvious choice is no longer so obvious. Feelings, circumstances, and situations can change in unexpected ways. Facing a dark night means facing uncertainty, and facing ourselves in the quest to reconcile the heart with the mind; to find harmony and inner-peace again.

 A dark night will test us, and then take us to our darkest depths until we find a way to free ourselves; to ignite our inner-fire, and to discover what sets our soul ablaze with fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and happiness. Living in darkness is a temporary state, as the moon teaches when she wanes to darkness and then grows to fullness again. As such, darkness is a natural part of the human experience. We should not be afraid. Even when we find ourselves living in darkness, things eventually come to the light. Eventually, a path opens up to a better way forward…to a place of inner peace and knowing that all will be well in the end somehow.

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