Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Path Forward with Perseverance and Persistence

For every person, there are so many directions one can take in life; but which direction is the right one? Unless someone is focused and connected to inner guidance at all times, the right way forward may not always be so clear.

It's too easy to go down a road paved with the intentions, limitations, fears, and expectations of others. It becomes so important to remain aware of our own strength, desires, and aspirations in the face of those who are negative and unsupportive; to persevere through the toughest sense of resistance that lingers within us. It is unwise to continue down the path of least resistence when that path goes in a direction that is different from where we truly want to be in life.

The reward for vigilance is a self-directed path towards our truest selves; to our life's passion, to our joy, and to our deepest bliss.

We NEED to connect to our bliss, to source energy, to the Divine, and to Divine Love...a self-less love without conditions. A soulful heart MUST do what's necessary to bring about changes to conditions that would otherwise hold us back, keep us down, keep us dependent, or make us unhappy in the long run.

When the soul stirs, there is no waiting. There is only here and now. When we live in the present moment, we have the power to make every minute count towards reuniting us with our passion, to our true desired path, and to our unconditional happiness.

Let's resolve to stay focused, listen closely to inner-guidance. Let's have no fear in what the future may hold, and BELIEVE in possibilities.

What is meant to be will be.

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