Sunday, March 27, 2016

The New Moon in Aries - Planting the Seeds of Wise Intention

"In order to have a closer relationship to nature, we plant our seeds, our intentions, when the moon is 'new' and nourish them as the moon grows into fullness. It’s also a really potent time for setting intentions, astrologically speaking. If the astrology isn’t really your thing, just think acknowledging the New Moon as a way of syncing with nature." Chris Maddox,  Wild Woman Project

As I write this, I am contemplating the details and content of the very first Wild Woman Moon Circle that I will be leading on April 8th after graduating from the leadership training through the Wild Woman Project. This months theme is all about taking action, managing conflicts well, and activating the Wise Warrior archetype within; because the new moon will be in Aries. Aries is a masculine energy-driven sign. Its energy can be impulsive, aggressive, and hot-tempered. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, which often signifies the energy of conflict. For this reason, this month's theme is all about activating the Wise Warrior archetype that lives within.

By embracing the "Wise Warrior" archetype, we can go deeper to discover what in our lives is worth fighting for...and then seek out inner guidance to find the path that makes it possible to fight for those things in a way that is wise, thoughtful, and heart-centered. Through visualizations, we will explore our own inner-landscapes, journal our discoveries, and then share what comes up in a safe and sacred space. As I contemplate the theme for the New Moon in Aries, I must also think about my own life and what I feel is worth fighting for. For me, the things worth fighting for will always be love, the path to freedom, independence, self-expression, and self-possession; to be whole, fully alive, and creatively expressive in this life. These are all so important to me, and definitely worth fighting for...even if it means going against the grain and undoing self-defeating patterns.

So now I ask this question of you...

What is worth fighting for in your life, and what will you do to make sure that you can achieve what you desire in a way that is wise, thoughtful, and heart-centered?

For this new moon, I invite you to contemplate this question and let your inner-guidance lead you to discovering the answer.

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