Monday, February 22, 2016

Inner Guidance and the Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight is special. It is the night of the Full Moon in Virgo. Symbolically, a Full Moon is a time of renewal; when we must decide what is no longer healthy and good; so that we may devote more energy to nurture that which is. This decision is not always an easy one to make, but if we listen to our inner guidance, there we will always find the truth. As I have recently discovered, our inner guidance system is quite a significant part of our energetic anatomy. I never realized this before. It is very fascinating. In fact, this was the topic of discussion in one of my trainings last week in the Wild Woman Project.

Becoming Aware of Inner Guidance

Inner guidance is how we navigate the unseen things in our lives; it is important to listen to it. This point was made clear when--during a training exercise--I was asked to envision a split screen with one side playing back a memory of a time when I went against my intuition vs. a time in my life when I followed it. How did it feel? This question was asked of me.

As I thought back to remember a time when I went against my inner guidance, I remembered feeling drained. I did not have a good feeling inside overall. On the other side of the split screen, I listened to my inner guidance. It was energizing, and felt good. This was an eye opener for me. Sometimes, what’s good for us is not always what we want. It becomes necessary to listen closely and trust inner guidance, because it ALWAYS knows what is really good for us; and what is not.

In the book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing, Christiane Northrup, M.D. (2010) explains that “Living in touch with our inner guidance involves feeling our way through life using all of ourselves; mind, body, emotions, and Spirit” (p. 50), so when something doesn’t feel right, it is probably not right. We can generally trust that our gut feeling about someone or something is accurate information, because this instinct comes from our solar plexus, which serves as our “primitive brain," or that part of the body which lets us know "whether we are safe or whether we are being lied to" (Northrup, 2010, p. 51).

Inner Guidance and the Energy System 

Christiane (2010) also explains how our energy system works; that it is “mediated via our thoughts, emotions, dreams, and bodily feelings” (p. 50), and that our bodies are “designed to act as receiving and transmitting stations for energy and information” (p. 50). This means that we have very sensitive and powerful BS detectors built-in within each of us. The challenge then is to trust it when it starts going off, and then having enough self-love to think things through realistically. Should I go? Should I stay? Should I keep it, or leave it alone? All of these questions come into play when intuition activates awareness of the truth…no matter how much it may—or may not--hurt. Following inner guidance will always prove to be the right thing to do ultimately.

Letting Go and Letting Be  

The time of the Full Moon is a time for reflection, renewal, and for letting go of unhealthy things in our lives. In Virgo, this Full Moon is all about maximizing our effectiveness. Symbolically, the Moon teaches us of a time when it becomes necessary to recede and cast aside unhealthy things and situations in order to make room for new and healthier ones to grow. When the Moon becomes full, she begins the process of waning, which is a time when she recedes and shrinks to become a New Moon again…a time for new beginnings. The Full Moon represents a time to think hard about what is really working, and what is not working; then letting go of what is not working, so that what is working can come through better and stronger. This is a time for getting real with oneself about certain situations, and then loving oneself enough to let go when the truth reveals that things are not what they seem.

Intentions on this Full Moon in Virgo

I will be thinking hard on those things in my life that are genuinely good vs. those that are not good; and then give of myself only to those things that are genuinely good and life-enhancing. I will rely on my inner guidance to help me recognize the difference, and allow it to lead me to the truth. I will trust that whatever shows up for me during this time will be for the best. All will be well in the end.

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