Saturday, February 20, 2016

Aspirations Refined Today! A New Fire in the Belly!

My soul received a jolt today when I came upon this video of the extraordinary Rachel Brice. Holy shit! I know what I want to do! I want to study and practice with her and other great teachers like her to get into such a beautiful flow of dance; where every movement is so conditioned and controlled; while remaining ever so graceful and fluid. I am inspired! 

I know what I have to do, and it's time to get SERIOUS. Turn up the yoga, go deeper into self, into the practice, into my JOY! As the path forward continues unfolding, I anticipate cultivating a lot of new directions starting with the New Moon Circles I will be leading when I graduate from the Wild Woman Project leadership training! Things just keep getting better!

Spirit is leading me through my wild heart. I am continuing the path of meditative dance by studying modalities such as the 5Rhythms, and I will be exploring other modalities as well. Things are happening! A purpose that has been unfolding for me since late last year, has become clearer and more vivid today. My big WHY and YES! 

In this moment, my awakening has picked up momentum. There's a new and hotter Fire in the Belly since connecting to self, to soul, to music, to dance, to love, and to friendship. These are the things that make me feel whole, and fully alive! How very grateful I am! 

It's time to turn up the heat! I am so inspired and READY for this journey! Joyful indeed, and super EXCITED!

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