Monday, January 25, 2016

Suppressing the Soul; Running from Spirit

It does become a habit to suppress our souls for the sake of survival. What happens is that the routine of life creates a lull of sorts; it takes over and hypnotizes the masses into this life-draining series of repetitive daily events until months and years pass them by; ultimately turning people into living drones in a world full of programmed people and things. Those that cannot be programmed live life on the fringes, because they can't "get with the program." 
If they can't get with the program, life gets a little harder for them, and people like them. The choice to be free is by no means an easy one--because for most--it scares them to be on the outside. It scares them to be free! That's how people get stuck in their lives...through their fear of the unseen...and a fear of the unknown. 
They prefer to stay comfortable in their shells and in their stable lives...even if it means feeling like they are selling their souls...even if it means forgetting who they are inside. They want a steady and unchanging perpetual environment..but, there's only one problem with this. Nothing stays the same. Ever. 
Like the Moon, life is constantly changing.  The ones with the wild spirits. They can't live in a cocoon. They can't stand still, or stay the same. The ones with the wild hearts, they are natural seekers. At some point Spirit calls to them, and they MUST bust out! They are compelled to act by their instinctive nature to RUN to Spirit, and not to hide from it. A wild heart can never be tamed, and therefore will always hear when Spirit it or not.

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