Saturday, January 30, 2016

On The Power of Vulnerability

I recently watched a TED Talk by Brene Brown about the power of vulnerability. It made me think about what it means to be vulnerable, and what it means to have the courage to be vulnerable for those things that are important to us. What struck me most about her talk was when she described what happens to us when we numb ourselves from feeling the uncomfortable emotion of vulnerability. She said that when we block ourselves from the feeling of vulnerability, we also block our ability to feel everything, joy, happiness. We cannot selectively block out certain emotions;

"You can't say, here's the bad stuff. Here's vulnerability, here's grief, here's shame, here's fear, here's disappointment. I don't want to feel these. I'm going to have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin." (Brown, 2010).

"You can't numb those hard feelings without numbing the other affects, our emotions. You cannot selectively numb. So when we numb those, we numb joy, we numb gratitude, we numb happiness. And then, we are miserable, and we are looking for purpose and meaning, and then we feel vulnerable, so then we have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin. And it becomes this dangerous cycle" (Brene Brown, 2010). 

Upon reading this, it came to me that in order to feel fully alive, I must be willing to live and love with my whole heart. I must love fiercely without conditions, guarantees, or expectations. I must have the courage to live life beautifully flawed and imperfect, because that is what it means to BE fully alive and to live as a being who fully inhabits their body, mind, and soul. I embark on this journey with gratitude, as I continue the path forward. I will continue to learn, to love, to grow, and to evolve into the version of myself who will fulfill a destined higher purpose; the reason I was born.


Brown, B (2010) The Power of Vulnerability. TED Talk. Retrieved Jan, 30 2016 from

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